Wedding photo session besieged by angry attacking magpies


Behind you! Marital bliss offends magpies.

Don’t want to get attacked from the sky on your wedding day? Best not get married in Australia during spring then. That’s magpie mating season, and these birds are vicious.

Photographer Karen Parr has been snapping nuptials and newlyweds for nine years, but has never had the fauna at a photoshoot attack her subjects, until recently.

Newly minted as husband and wife, Phil and Sara Maria took the 30 minute drive with Parr and her assistant to a spot near Armidale that Parr knew would make a spectacular backdrop for their photos.

Alas, as soon as the happy couple and photographer arrived they were swooped by angry magpies.

Image: Karen parr photography

Wait for it…

Having driven so far and under such a tight schedule, the photo shoot had to go ahead regardless.

Perhaps as a side effect of being suitably loved up, the newlyweds were remarkably calm throughout the literal assault from the skies.

As Parr told Mashable, "The couple were actually very relaxed and although I’m sure I may have accidentally swore a couple of times as a magpie whistled passed my head, they kept their cool. The groom and Groomsman enjoyed the sport of trying to keep the magpies at bay."

Image: Karen parr photography


Though magpies are known to attack the same person season after season, due to their deep-seated hatred of humanity knack for never forgetting a face, Parr said the couple had never been attacked by the birds at the park before.

Though her assistant Emily has taken photos in the same park during similar birds attacks.

If there’s anything to take from this experience, it’s that you should never get married or go outside.

Or else, it’s that you should at least consult the magpie attack app and for God’s sake, wear a helmet.