Edit Seth Meyers isn’t quite laughing at the raging GOP-Trump civil war


Donald Trump’s bad political fortunes have curdled into a very public feud with the Republican Party, leaving Trump increasingly isolated and belligerent toward his enemies, real and perceived, Seth Meyers said on Tuesday’s Late Night. "Now, Donald Trump’s political obituary has been written many times, so we shouldn’t jump the gun here," he cautioned. "Watching this election is like watching the last 10 minutes of a slasher movie: ‘Okay, he was on fire and he fell off the roof, that’s gotta be it — oh my god, Hillary, he’s still alive!’"

Still, with sinking poll numbers and Republicans jumping off the Trump train, Trump has resorted to a "slash and burn strategy designed to appeal to his loyal supporters," Meyers said. Trump was losing before his downward spiral began two weeks ago but "of course, Trump can’t stomach the reality that he’s losing, so instead he just pretends he isn’t, by complaining that even the polls are rigged against him," he added. In Trump’s telling, so was the GOP primary and the Nov. 8 election. "I’ve got something serious to tell you buddy: How can you possibly thing everything is rigged against you?" Meyers asked. "You’re a blowhard with a 7th grade vocabulary who became a celebrity billionaire with a supermodel wife. Life isn’t unfair to you, it’s unfair for you."

As entertaining as Trump’s apparent electoral death spiral may seem, a losing Donald Trump is still very dangerous, because he’s already spent months warning that the election will be stolen, even though voter fraud isn’t really a problem in U.S. elections, Meyers said. "Our political system depends on people accepting the outcome, even if they don’t agree with it." He ended by bringing in Trump’s threat to jail Hilary Clinton, crazy comments from fringe media supporter Alex Jones, and the adorable loyalty shown by mini-Trump at a rally. Watch below. Peter Weber